Customer Panels

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Customer Panels by The Research Centre

A lot of qualitative research is commissioned to address a specific issue such as exploring brand imagery and positioning, or advertising development, or pack design development. The project is often ad-hoc and tightly focused.

Customer panels operate in a less hot house atmosphere. They are organised to help a company understand all aspects of customers’ experience with the organisation and how they view the organisation’s products and services.

Ironically, the development of more sophisticated call centres, online technologies and customer service departments has greatly widened the gap between customers and decision makers.

Some departments in a company rarely if ever have direct contact with customers but their systems and behaviour impact on the relationship between the customer and the organisation. Senior management personnel often get all of their customer information from third party research reports and consultations. When they use their company’s services they get VIP treatment and might never know how regular customers are treated.

Customer Panels are designed to allow managment at all levels engage directly with their customers. Panels are recruited based on the issues to be examined. A bank’s customer service director might want to talk to people who recently applied for a loan. A supermarket head of operations might want to talk to people about the checkout process. An Airline boss might be keen to get a first hand account of the company’s passenger boarding procedures.

Each time we run customer panels our clients become enthusiastic about the process. Some new and often surprising nugget of information always emerges. Customers go away with a more positive regard for the company and management develops a greater understanding the customer’s world. The gap between customer and decision maker narrows to the benefit of the organisation and its bottom line.

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