B2B Research

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Business to business research needs a different approach to consumer work. In business research you are not just carrying out a research study, you are interacting with important customers and partners.

The approach has to be professional and you must be closely involved in all aspects of the research project.

You should contact people directly requesting their participation in the study and thank them personally when the study is complete. This personal contact greatly increases participation rates. People who might never agree to talk to a market research company will respond to a request from a fellow professional.

If you are asking self-employed people to participate you must offer them a professional fee based on a reasonable hourly rate.

If you are dealing with a corporate you must approach senior management for permission to contact their people at any level.

You should outline what the study is about and how the results will be used to improve your service or products to your customers.

Most companies do not allow executives or staff to accept incentives for participating in surveys but a donation to a national or international charity might be acceptable.

Offering a management summary of key research findings can increase participation rates.

Make sure the interviewers you use are well briefed and capable of holding their own with senior management interviewees.

Never ever over stay your welcome. Never say the interview will take thirty minutes if an hour is needed to meet the brief.

Always ask “would I agree to take part in this or allow my colleagues to participate?” If the answer is “No” go back and re-design the project.

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