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Nothing beats experience! Our work with these and other clients has proven time and again that insightful market research is a vital ingredient in the recipe for success for local, national and international brands in demanding consumer markets.

ASAI (Advertising Standards Authority For Ireland)The ASAI required insight into how key industry audience cohorts understand and feel about the issue of advertising regulation in Ireland. We were commissioned to undertake individual executive interviews with marketing, advertising, government agency and NGO personnel. Our subsequent report played a key role in the development of ASAI strategy for the future regulation of advertising.

Avonmore Milk:Regular Milk, Supermilk, Low Fat and Skim Milk make up the Avonmore Milk brand.We have been involved in a number of focus group projects designed to evaluate advertising concepts and identify consumer attitudes to the biggest selling milk brand in the Irish market.

AXA Insurance:As a leading international insurance company with a strong presence in the Irish market AXA is constantly monitoring consumer sentiment and refining its product offering. We have worked in understanding the customer journey in the areas of motor and home insurance in The Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland. We have tested advertising concepts and run usability testing projects aimed at improving the customer online experience.

Barrys Tea:We have worked with Barry’s Tea on tracking consumer attitudes to the brand and its advertising. Our work involves guiding the development of the creative brief, pre-testing of advertising concepts, brand auditing and pack design research.

Bord Bia:Our work with Bord Bia took us to New York where we organised, moderated and reported a series of focus groups for a new product development process. Following the focus groups we ran a multi-country online consumer survey designed to validate key insights generated in New York.

Boyne Valley Group:Chiver’s Jelly is one of Ireland’s most loved brands. We worked with Boyne Valley group to make sure the brand continues to deliver its traditional taste and value in ways that meet contemporary consumer needs. We have also worked with Boyne Valley to create new varieties of their famous McDonnells Curry Sauce brands and packaging for their instant noodles.

Bulmers Cider:We were responsible for all of the qualitative work that saw Bulmers Cider grow from a brand with a bad reputation to one that completely dominated the cider market in Ireland. Our work resulted in the redevelopment of the brand character, packaging, product and advertising over a ten year period.

Magners Cider:Magners is the name used by Bulmers outside the Republic of Ireland. We conducted extensive feasibility research using focus groups in the UK and across the United States (New York, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle), prior to the launch of Magners in these markets.

DAA:Dublin Airport Authority are responsible for the smooth running of Dublin and Cork airports in addition to global airport retailing. We worked with DAA and Oileain Marketing in the development of pack designs for a bottled water brand that is sold exclusively through DAA controlled airport retail locations. Using cost effective online surveys we identified a winning design that allowed the brand a smooth take off from the moment it appeared on the shelf.

Dublin Zoo:An online survey based on the Dublin Zoo Facebook page and on-site face-to-face interviews at Dublin Zoo provided a clear picture of what Zoo visitors like about and want from Dublin Zoo. The large sample size achieved was testament to the popularity of one of Dublin’s biggest and much loved tourist attractions. Focus groups with visitors added depth to the quantitative findings.

Fastnet Brands:We have worked with leading brand development company Fastnet Brands on a number of qualitative research projects involving focus groups and other techniques in the United States and Ireland. We also worked with Fastnet Brands CEO Pat Rigney on international projects during his time with Baileys Irish Cream and C&C Export.

Four Star Pizza: Four Star Pizza is a major player in the highly competitive delivered pizza market. We worked with Four Star using focus groups and online surveys to create the insight needed to generate loyalty amongst customers in a highly competitive market

Health Insurance Authority (HIA): As the body responsible for regulating the private health insurance market, the HIA carries out regular surveys of consumer usage and attitudes in relation to this sector. We worked with Insight Statistical Consultants running focus groups with people who have private health insurance to develop understanding of how they regard their health insurance provider and the services they pay for.

Home Instead Senior Care: Home Instead Senior Care provides high quality care for the elderly in their own homes. Research has repeatedly shown that both the elderly and their families want people to have the possibility of staying at home rather than moving to a residential care home. We worked with Home Instead to identify the key physical and emotional needs of those caring for elderly relatives in order to insure that Home Instead remains at the leading edge of senior care in Ireland.

Independent Newspapers: We carried out analysis of how newspaper readers view both the Herald and Irish Independent as part of the process of developing new advertising campaigns for two of Ireland’s most popular daily publications.

IRFU: We delivered insight gained from rugby supporters via a countrywide range of focus groups, online surveys and on-street interviews using mobile handsets, iPad and tablets for data gathering and rapid turnaround of findings.

Kerry Group: Using mobile handsets we positioned interviewers in supermarkets where they got real time ethnographic understanding of the dynamics of brand choice as consumers were shopping. We also recruited consumers countrywide for in home interviewers conducted by Kerry group marketing executives as part of a consumer immersion exercise.

Loyalty:Customer loyalty is key to maintaining a strong business, especially when things are tough and new customer are hard won. We work with specialist brand loyalty company Chilli Pepper Marketing using focus groups and other research techniques to provide the insight needed to design and implement successful loyalty programmes.

Molson Coors:Molson Coors introduced Molson Canadian in April 2013 in one of the biggest draught beer launches of recent years. We worked with Molson Coors on brand and communications’ development prior to the launch.

National Transport Authority (NTA):We worked with the NTA on a number of projects relating to the public transport network across all transport modes.

Ovelle: Ovelle Pharmaceuticals is a home grown success story in a competitive market that features many well know international brands. Established eighty years ago and based in Dundalk the company owns the acclaimed Ovelle and Elave brands. We worked with Ovelle on trade and consumer research designed to provide the understanding needed to ensure the future success of a well established company and its brands.

Zurich Life: We conducted creative development research with Javelin advertising to explore consumer views of candidate creative concepts resulting in the award winning “dear 30 year old me” campaign

Radio:We have worked with a number of radio stations including 98FM, Newstalk, CKR and Q102, using focus groups to determine brand character, attitudes to programming and brand development.

Schools:In addition to our work with commercial organisations we have also worked with some of Ireland’s leading private schools to identify what parents want from their schools and how schools can respond to a rapidly changing education market.

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