Advertising Research

We will design and implement research that will give you the insight you need to develop effective advertising strategies, pre-test creative concepts and monitor effectiveness over time.

In over twenty years of running advertising research projects we worked with Bulmers Cider through its development minor brand to major brand success. Our work took us  across Ireland, the UK and to the East and West coasts of the United States doing market analysis studies prior to the launch of Magners, as Bulmers is known outside Ireland.

We have worked  on the development of advertising for Barry’s Tea , Avonmore Milk, Sligo Tourism, The Herald, Irish Independent, AXA Insurance and other well known brands.

Our success lies in guiding clients in understanding consumer views of the brand and its competitors as the basis for a clear creative strategy and brief. This is followed by pre-testing creative concepts and tracking advertising effectiveness when a campaign is up and running.

Advertising is an expensive business.  You need to make sure your advertising will meet the key criteria of being relevant, credible and appealing to your target audience.

Colm Carey has years of experience in advertising research and has worked in strategic advertising planning in London agency DDB.

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