There’s a very important and often overlooked consumer cohort in Ireland. There are about 1.6 million of them, that’s 32% of the population aged 15 and over. 48% are men and 52% are women.

A majority (about 70%) own their home and are mortgage free. Just 20% have debt that does not include a mortgage on their primary property.

About one in eight have a weekly disposable income of 1,000 euro or more and a similar number own at least one property in addition to their primary residence.

They also have a strong influence on others particularly when it comes to buying big ticket goods and services.

They provide advice and do a lot of the basic research/shopping around meaning they can influence final decision making. They frequently contribute to purchases by way of gift or lending.

Despite all of this they are often ignored by marketers who work hard to grow their brands and market share.

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